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Top of the Ramen; Nood Tales

Nood Tales, Top Ramen

This article will be a part of a series of different ways that the author has experienced ramen and other types of noodles.

Call me Ms Amyaly. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no money in my purse, and nothing in particular to interest me at home, I thought I would sail about a little and see the heated watery part of the world.

The world of noodles to be precise. Those hot summer teenage days, left at home to bask in the sun, reading and listening to the newest Disney soundtrack left a hunger in me. A hunger beyond the cold meat sandwiches, plain white bread with the occasional yellow mustard.

The answer lay in my icy cold local grocery store. A giant in the realms of food acquirement with its rainbow of lighting to illuminate me on my path of discovery. It was there, at the end of the pasta aisle did I spy the array of Top Ramen.

Thrilled with the prospect of a new morsel to add to my underwhelming bleak luncheon services I partitioned my progenitors to add just one pack. It’s underwhelming value secured the permission and to my astonishment, a full 6 additional orange packs found their way into our laps. For though I may not have ever had this food before, orange is how they signified chicken flavor and this was something widely liked in the household.

The ease at which the noodles were made over a low flame amazed me. Within the time it took to listen to two songs, I was pouring the noodles and water into the bowl that was ready with its flavoring. A light stir and it sat there, my first bowl of hot noods, waiting to be consumed.

Tangled in my silver harpoon, the noodles ascended to their demise. Their end became the beginning of a beautiful lunch experience.