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Stranger Things 3


It’s Summer

And we’re going back to the mall

Summer time as a kid! Running outside in bare feet when the ice cream truck drove down the road. Going to the grocery store and begging your Mom and Dad for the newest magazine to get all the gossip. Summer Camp, teased hair, drinking kool-aid and listening to Teddy Ruxpin tell you stories.

I’m a little younger than the time frame in Stranger Things, but I’m no less affected by the nostalgia when I watch the show. The shoulder pads and neon colors, summer seemed so much brighter.

Season 3 of Stranger Things is almost upon us. Here’s a list of where we left off from season two. 

  1. Eleven goes from living in a cabin in the woods to being adopted by Hopper as “Jane.”

  2. Siblings Max and Billy were the new kids on the block in season 2. Billy is violent and by the end of the season, Max has had enough and during a fight between Billy and Steve manages to knock her brother out with a sedative. 

  3. Will was possessed by the Mind Flayer but his mom, brother and Nancy are able to burn the creature out of Will.

  4. Dustin finds a slug that turns into...something that they call a Demo-Dog that he feeds candy too. Which saves his bacon in the end.

  5. Nancy was with Steve, but they broke up and now she’s with Jonathan.

  6. After Nancy and Steve break up, he starts finding himself around the younger kids, acting as an older brother and protector. Steve and Dustin’s friendship becomes the best bromance of the show.

  7. Will’s mom, Joyce, spends most of this season worrying about Will with her new boyfriend Bob. Bob, unfortunately, gets eaten by a demodog but not after saving the day and getting everyone else to safety. RIP Bob.

  8. Chief Hopper becomes a dad to Eleven and helps her close the gate at the end.

  9. Eleven uses her powers to seal the Mind Flayer behind the gate to the Upside Down but we see the creature’s massive silhouette looming over the Upside Down kids’ school in a very Lovecraften shot.

"Why don't we just wait here for a little while... see what happens..."

MacReady (Kurt Russell in The Thing)

Amy Miskiewicz