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Here are the different groups and people that help bring the greatest community together! 


Brand Ambassador: Scarlett Rose

Scarlett Rose is an artist, cosplayer, model and streamer originally from New York, and now residing in Pennsylvania.


Sponsored Content Creator: Ms_Amyaly

Amy is the producer and host of her own twitch channel and also produces GamersheavenTV, our twitch channel. She also consults with Gamers Heaven on a number of projects. An avid traveler, streamer, foodie and gamer, Ms_Amyaly has a lot of stories to tell. Braver than Andrew, she loves a good horror game. Check her out!


Sponsored Player: FFSquallTV

FFSquallTV is a a TCG fan/player since he was about 9 years old. When he was younger, he was involved in the Pokemon/Yugioh! community and that eventually evolved into playing Magic: The Gathering well into my teens. Now he is a devoted player of the FFTCG!

Last year he made top 16 at US Nationals! This year, his goal is to try and make the prestigious FFTCG Worlds!

If he’s not playing or streaming FFTCG, he’s usually playing some HoTS (Heroes of the Storm) with his friends, or playing various other games on Steam.


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