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Highlight of the Week 1


Hello there Gamers! This is your new weekly Merch Highlight of the week. What we’re aiming to do is provide further information about the items that are coming and going into the store. This week we’ll be talking about Ultimate Guard!

Ultimate Guard Protecting Everything, Even your floor

This is all for you card game players. Ultimate Guard really wants to make sure all your cards goods are protected in the brightest and safest way possible.

And the new display certainly lights it all up. We’re delighted to have it in the store, especially with all the rainbow colors it brings. And each selection shows how much thought they put in to what the player or collector needs. Or didn’t even know they needed!

Running through the basics we’re carrying UG’s Katana Sleeves, standard size. Sorry Transformer Fans. These cards are the most basic way to protect your cards, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic! Moving and growing with your hobby can be hard, or you can make it easy by putting your cards in a binder.

Or if you feel the need to carry your deck with you, Pop it into one of their deck cases. If you’re in the mood to carry 2 or 3 decks, because let’s face it, there’s so much you can get up to in Magic now a days. Then we recommend any on of the Flip’nTrays or heck go for the complete package by getting Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack and really travel safe and secure.

So stop on by and check out the new display. If you’re looking for something specific, talk to the front counter about ordering it with us.

Keep play, Ultimately Guarded that is!