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Highlight of the Week 2

The new contrast paints are out form Citadel Colour and it’s been the #1 topic of conversation. We saw a chance to sit down and talk to someone who’s been playing Warhammer and painting minis for 14 years, our friend Panda. The questions I asked are italicized.

I’m completely new to the world of Citadel Paints, so what are Contrast Paints? The best way to describe them would be a very densely pigmented wash, that kinda behaves like a glaze.

Can you tell me the steps? It’s not just you get it, you paint it, you’re done, Is it? It kinda is actually. Which is neat. The steps they tell you to do work just fine. Get one of the new spray cans, there’s 2, Gray Seer and Wraith Bone. Gray Seer is a colder tone and Wraith Bone warmer. Base coat or prime just like anything else and then you just apply the paint in one coat. You can get it all one then in one coat.

So just how does this speed up painting your minis and why would you need too? So they put out a thing called Battle Ready, which is just getting three colors on. Which is generally what tournaments will require, just three colors, but you can go all out if you want. I know myself, I tend to get lost when I’m painting. I could paint something up, even with my airbrush, just getting the base coats down, which is something I hate, takes the longest time. And then you end up doing all the details, and it’ll be base coat, wash then highlight. The standard three step. This kinda gets rid of the last too. It’s kind of a base coat, wash and highlight all in one.

Panda’s Necromunda Escher Gang

Panda’s Necromunda Escher Gang

That does sound like it makes it easier! Are there any limitations to using the contrast paints? The model I tried it on, the Necromunda Escher Gang, didn’t have many flat panels, and I was very impressed with those and why I think it works better for these type of models than say the Space Marine. Which you can use a red spray for which GW has many. Like a red space marine you can just paint it red and most of the work is done. I don’t feel like you need contrast for that.

But for a model like my Escher Gang There’s not just one major color, you got boots and leather straps and flesh hanging off. They’re wearing a battle sports bra, they’re going crazy because they’re based off of 80’s punk chicks with laser rifles. They’re a cool faction. There’s no main color to focus on, a lot of little bits and that’s where contrast really comes into.

So compared to the old way, you’d base your model, you’d get all your base coats on, your flesh base tone, your leather base tone, then your metal base tone and then whatever color you’re doing the hair and then typically you’re putting a wash on them. And all the washes could be different. Could be a flesh tone wash and whatever color wash. Then you touch up and highlight. I know that for one model, you’d think I only need three colors and the next thing I know I’ve got 16 paints on my table. With contrast and this model, I used 5 paints from start to finish. I’ve spent 9  hours in the past doing one model, doing basic painting. With Contrast Paints, I spent an hour on 2 models and that’s slow from what I’ve heard.

The 5 colors that Panda used on his gang.

The 5 colors that Panda used on his gang.

So you think that the Citadel Contrast Paints are a welcome addition to the family? Absolutely. I think they fill a niche that wasn’t there before. You’ve had quick shades before and also some that they’ve painted white and you just added a wash over and it does a good job but this does a little more.

The paint’s weird because it looks goopy, but it’s actually a lot smoother that I thought it’d be and then dries tacky. It’s because of how it pulls away from the edges and then reassess. It’s bizarre to see, but it’s really cool.

Would you say that it...adds contrast? Absolutely!

Thank you Panda for helping us out! Citadel Contrast Paints and more are available while supplies last!