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Crystal Cup and Pre-Release for the FFTCG

Right now is a great time for all Final Fantasy the Card Game players! Last weekend saw a Crystal Cup in VA that not only was GH represented in the judging but the players as well. A huge shout out and big round of applause goes to everyone involved. We can honestly say that the Final Fantasy Community has some of the biggest hearts.


Not Pictured: Judges Andrew Good & Gabe Cavaliere

There was a new format to the tournament- drafting! As such, Gamers Heaven is going to try and set up an evening for those who want to draft. (Found some Rules on Reddit for you)

And the week is continuing with all things FFTCG related in that it’s Opus IX Pre-Release Weekend! It’s bound to change the future tournaments, with everyone who’s competing scrambling to test their competitive decks.

Opus IX

Opus IX

There have been sneak previews and cards released in the past few weeks that have made this set especially exciting for the players. Fusoya and Ifritato to name two.


Don’t forget to pre-register for the Pre-Release!

Amy Miskiewicz